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hoodedscarlet said,
"Firstly, why is Blazer R.I.P? xD Secondly, I'm looking for the Klaine fic that has them dealing with their daughter's period. I think Blane sticks pads to his face at one point too?"

It’s the others way of making fun of me because I don’t post as often. But never fear I am still around! 

Also here is the fic you are looking for, it’s more of a drabble but enjoy :)

Is that a designer? - Blazer

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Anonymous said,
"Hello, can you rec some fics where Kurt and Blaine break up, or divorce, and somehow end up back together? I need prepare myself for the possibility of Season 4 so… Angst but not pure angst, and fluffy reunion prefer! Thanks!"

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust


It’s Friday, I’m In Love

Someone Like You

The Bones of You

The Five Stages Of Getting Over Kurt Hummel

The Luckiest***

Unscripted (Three Times Kurt and Blaine Almost Break Up and One Time They Stop Trying).

You’re Still My Favourite Melody

(seriously I wanted to cry just copying and pasting the links for these, dear god you people are into some angsty things of late)

***The Luckiest is our most favourite future fic so it will be recc’d eventually.

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jacobsartist said,
"Do you have any soldier!Blaine or soldier!Kurt fics? :)"

hAHaHaHAHAahaHA soldier!fics hahaAHSah kill me

Dismantle The Sun

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

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Anonymous said,
"HELLO! I was wondering, there was a story a couple of weeks back and I'm not sure if you posted it on your site or I found it on another Klaine fic rec - but it was basically a horror story, I can't remember the exact details but Blaine was absolutely terrified of this demonic Kurt, who would come and talk to him through his door and threaten him and he killed someone when Blaine gave the police an anonymous tip and wrote 'Don't test me pretty' in his vistims blood at the crime scene. Thanks!"

Ughhhh, the sounds I am making right now, anon

The fic you are after is Until My Dying Breath by emilianadarling and it is the single most amazing thing I have read in this fandom. I thought I could stop and then ‘Don’t test me pretty’ at the end of chapter 2 part 1, and there was my day gone…

Yes, so


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Title: Big Moon Rising
Author: rainjoy
Rating: R
Status: Complete

The gay teenage werewolf thing just got a hell of a lot more interesting.

I warned you all I worshipped rainjoy…

So before I commence reading the final chapter (I decide to make recs at the most inopportune moments), I wanted to tell you all to read it.

I honestly don’t know how rainjoy does it. Making a werewolf AU seamlessly fit into season 2 canon? Easy as! I swear, every time she starts a new AU I get excited and then I cry a bit because I know I’ll never be able to read another AU of that genre and not compare. (It’s a hard life, I know.)

Both boys are werewolves in this fic, somehow unaware of the other’s existence until they meet as wolves. Everything is so much simpler when they’re wolves, something that they have to deal with when they meet as humans. We get an insight from both boys’ perspectives of their situation as both wolves and as humans, which adds another layer of depth that just makes this so good.

And well, what is a rainjoy fic without a bit of angst? Here we find Kurt dealing with the same issues he was when he first met Blaine in canon, with an added twist, of course. And then Blaine comes along providing him with support and a different perspective of his situation, one that he has never truly accepted. 

Okay so you really should have dropped everything at ‘rainjoy’, in my honest opinion, but yes, go forth and enjoy.

You are the love of my life -Bowtie

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Title: A Parade of Elephants
Author: mrssosostris
Rating: T to M
Status: Complete

Blaine is the only child of Congressman Michael Anderson Jr. and his wife Karen. As his father climbs the political ranks, Blaine’s struggles become even harder to handle. Begins as a kid!fic but follows him grow up, come out, fight back and find Kurt.

Okay, I’m going to be honest with you all here; I am only 8 chapters through this fic right now, and Kurt and Blaine haven’t even met yet, but I couldn’t read anymore without telling you all to read it first.

I’m incredibly drawn to Blaine-centric fics, especially those that spend time focusing on his childhood and family. I can see glimpses of the Blaine that introduced himself to Kurt in Never Been Kissed but, after everything that has happened to him, I wonder if he still exists. (One of the drawbacks of reccing a fic before you’ve finished reading it, I guess…)

Either way, I can’t wait for them to meet and interact and heal each other and insert keysmash here

But be wary of your heart, okay? Just, please. Because mine is currently somewhat in pieces. Not that that’s a bad thing! I mean, I like to think of it as proof of amazing writing, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less

Ugh, I know I can’t do it justice. I’m so sorry. Don’t waste time reading this rec, just read the fic, okay?

Ps. I wish to put a disclaimer reminding you that I just finished chapter 8 and thus why this is rec is such rubbish. It’s not an excuse and I’m sorry, but if you read up to chapter 8 I hope you might understand.

You are the love of my life -Bowtie

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Anonymous said,
"The olympics have gotten over me. Have you come across any of those... Or if there are any writers out here that want to use this as a promp"

Only A Fortnight In Your Arms - zavacado

Go For Gold - obsessive-much

Going For The Gold - amoment

Right Back In The Water - pcikle

Rumble, Young Man, Rumble - cooperblainey

Untitled - facethefall

Untitled - fireandflood

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Anonymous said,
"This isnt actually a request, but I was wondering if you knew whether or not Aunt Alice's Farm has been abandoned? I heard it was really good, but I don't like reading things that have no intention of being completed. Thanks."

I actually have no idea, anon. I went onto the author’s fanfic account a couple days ago and realised that some of her greatest (*ahem* smuttiest) fics have been deleted and she is writing drabbles so I’m not sure what the deal is. I would say there would be some sort of notice if it was completely abandoned, but as of right now, it hasn’t updated in a very long time. It is very good though!!!

(I would say, send her a message but I do not wish to encourage that as I know it annoys some writers when people are impatient and also because, above all else, I am a selfish being and really want it to update and I don’t want anyone jeopardising the chance of that by pissing her off with questions oop.)

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Title: Ignition
Author: mittenconfetti
Rating: PG-13
Status: Complete

Kurt and Blaine broke up in Kurt’s Sophomore year of college while Kurt was in New York (of course) and Blaine in California. Years later, Kurt is working as a freelance costume designer and Blaine in Public Relations, in New York and LA respectively. Kurt is a year out of a two year relationship which he is still hurting over because he poured two years of his life and heart into a relationship (the longest since Blaine) which went nowhere and has resigned himself to a lonely fate of solitude in his one bedroom apartment. Rachel decides to throw a New Directions reunion party in Lima for the holidays, bringing Kurt face to face with a worn out Blaine and a glimmer of hope that maybe he doesn’t have to give into solitude just yet.

So future!AU’s give me all the feels and seeing the username mittenconfetti makes me want to cry (*cough* Perfect Not Broken *cough*) so I was pretty much having a breakdown before I even started reading the fic. I just can’t deal with broken down Kurt, whose had to deal with assholes and loveless relationships just to get back half of what he had with Blaine. Add in a miserable Blaine who pours his heart and soul into everything he does and makes himself so goddamn vulnerable and I’m pretty much gone. They’re just meant to be, damnit, they make each other better and whole and perfect and don’t even try to argue with me because I’ll pretty much direct you to this perfect fic and demand you read it and change your mind.

You take my breath away - Coffee.

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Anonymous said,
"hey! do you know any fics about Kurt audition for NYADA and Blaine loving his gold pants, resulting in sexy times."

We made a Choke Reaction Fic masterpost a while back with all those lovely sort of fics in it.